what to wear

What should we wear? The number one question I get after booking.

I suggest keeping outfits simple. Try to steer clear of big logos. Think big prints (like strips or polka dots) or solid colors! When the weather permits, add layers of different colors. Certain accessories like scarves, hats, and tights for women can add to to the picture as well.

As far as matching goes for the whole family, choose outfits that COORDINATE but is not to matchy. For instance, choose one of the children’s outfits first (preferably one that has multiple colors) and use the different colors in that outfit to COORDINATE everyone else. It is not ideal for everyone to wear the same color shirt. You can also achieve the coordinated look by choosing similar color palettes.

Try and steer clear of too much white!

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to outfit ideas and color palettes! You can find that HERE!

For newborns, there is no need to worry about clothing choice. Skin is best! I will use multiple wraps as well, but mostly I like to show their wrinkles and dimples! For family and sibling shots with your newborn, I recommend white or black shirts. However, if you are comfortable, I love capturing skin to skin images of parents and baby.

Sometimes it’s helpful if I see your outfits prior to the session. If you feel like you need a little help or suggestions on wardrobe, please snap a picture and email it to me at hailey@haileynixphotography.com! I would love to help out in any way possible.

Keep in mind that your choice in clothing can really add to your pictures! It does matter!